When it comes to the reliability of your IT infrastructure, the competitive and rapidly evolving marketplace is unforgiving. Having a dependable, high performance system is the minimum pre-requisite these days. The problem is, maintaining your system is a daily drag on time, talent, and money - resources that could be better spent on core business activities and growing your market share.

With N-Compass Managed Services, we maintain reliable systems that run on peak efficiency for you, freeing your resources from the daily burden of operational support tasks. N-Compass provides 24/7 proactive monitoring, support and management for all your IT infrastructure and systems, including WAN / LAN networks, servers (both stand-alone and virtualized, Windows, Unix and Linux), unified communication systems, mobile devices, firewalls, applications, storage, and more.

  • N-Compass ensures that your infrastructure performs at peak efficiency, improving the customer experience while typically reducing operational expense by 25% to as much as 60%.
  • N-Compass utilizes ITIL core disciplines, a blend of purpose-built tools with a state-of-the-art management suite integrating them all with a highly automated ticketing system allowing NOC technicians to quickly isolate problems, manage devices and resolve issues with minimal disruption to the client. All your documentation and information is stored in a secure NDS knowledgebase available only to the NOC staff.
  • N-Compass can be delivered remotely, with on-site personnel, or a customized combination of both..
  • N-Compass was built top-down from a master plan. This means that our various components were integrated for optimal performance, scalability, and to maximize our ability to proactively identify issues before they become problems. Over 80% of all incidents are identified proactively prior to the client being aware of the issue.
  • N-Compass is flexible allowing the customer and our NOC engineers to access and make changes to the network.
  • N-Compass includes fault isolation, incident, performance and configuration monitoring and management. Our reporting includes several operational reports available electronically through our client web portal all designed to let you see how efficiently your infrastructure is operating. Based upon the reports, our consultants can then make recommendations on how to improve your performance and achieve peak efficiency. This can help you extend the life of your equipment, conduct informed capacity planning, and much more.
  • In addition to our operational reports we also provide a senior executive dashboard which is available on either a computer or mobile device.
  • Network Data Systems is one of a handful of Cisco certified Master Managed Service's partners worldwide who have also earned the Cisco Powered Managed Unified Communication Services designation.