NDS assessments can be focused at many different scenarios including but not limited to (1) technology readiness assessments used to determine existing gaps that may inhibit deployment of a specific new technology; (2) performance assessments to determine the existing condition of all or parts of the client infrastructure in order to determine the cause of a performance problem; (3) outcome assessments used to determine if a particular infrastructure strategy will work when/if it is deployed, (e.g., will a specific application work acceptably from a response time perspective if it is put into a cloud environment).

What's included

While these engagements are very customized there are usually at least five deliverables included in an assessment: (1) defining the current state; (2) determining what the future state needs to look like given the organization's plans and objectives; (3) a gap analysis; (4) our recommendations on how best to address the gaps; (5) an engagement workshop session to discuss the findings with all client participants / stake holders. Other optional deliverables, depending on the client requirement, may include: budget analysis, capacity analysis, compliance analysis, staff analysis, vendor analysis, feasibility analysis, ROI/TCO analysis, etc.

Supported Areas

This service can include any or all the following areas: (1) network infrastructure including LAN/WAN/SDN infrastructure, wireless infrastructure; (2) unified communications including premise-based solutions, private cloud solutions, public cloud solutions and/or hybrid solutions; (3) data centers including servers, storage, networking, applications and HVAC.