Design/Planning engagements are customized to satisfy the client's specific needs. NDS' Design/Planning service is focused at mitigating risks, minimizing costs, creating a quality end product and accelerating completion of the project. This service places more emphasis on the planning stages in order to insure the implementation is problem free, done on time, within budget and avoids unpleasant surprises. It defines the desired outcome in advance and then works systematically to reach that outcome.

What's included

While these engagements are very customizable there are usually at least five deliverables included in a Design/Planning service: (1) high level design, which defines the architecture to be used with adequate definition to create a low level/detailed design; (2) detailed design, which provides all of the necessary details in order to then build out the technology including a bill of material; (3) project plan, which shows the timeline, milestones and all required activities along with owners and due dates; (4) contingency plan, which provides fallback scenarios in the event of a problem which has the potential for significant project impact; (5) a support plan, which defines the needs for ongoing support to insure the technology works as expected and that adequate resources are available to address the required support level.

Supported Areas

This service can include any or all of the following areas: (1) network infrastructure including LAN/WAN/SDN infrastructure, wireless infrastructure; (2) unified communications including premise-based solutions, private cloud solutions, public cloud solutions and/or hybrid solutions; (3) data centers including servers, storage, networking, applications/OS and HVAC.