These engagements are typically customized to satisfy client needs. NDS IT Strategy Services leverages the industry expertise of our senior consultants to provide advice and recommendations to help clients make informed IT decisions understanding both current available technology as well as future trends. Typically, these services help clients determine the best way to address certain business requirements that are occurring because of change and insure individual IT decisions work integrally to achieve the desired business outcome. Having the proper strategy eliminates wasteful spending, provides the correct framework in which to make decisions and allows better alignment with the business units.

What's included

While these engagements are very customized there are usually at least five deliverables included in an IT strategy service: (1) what should our blue print look like in order to meet the desired business outcome; (2) what are the key milestones to accomplish the outcome; (3) what are the resources needed both financially as well as people; (4) what are the key metrics to be measured for success; (5) an annual engagement workshop session to discuss the progress to date compared to the key milestones and to discuss any material business changes that may have affected the desired outcome and as a result cause a need for the blue print to change.

Supported Areas

This service can include any or all the following areas: (1) network infrastructure including LAN/WAN/SDN infrastructure, wireless infrastructure; (2) unified communications including premise-based solutions, private cloud solutions, public cloud solutions and/or hybrid solutions; (3) data centers including servers, storage, networking, applications and HVAC.